Capstream has helped many of WNY’s most prominent organizations keep pace with ever-changing A/V needs. Whether it’s large multi-use conference space, hybrid meeting space, live-streaming or smart technology, Capstream can design and install scalable solutions that meet present and future needs.

Capstream Technologies has been serving the Western and Central New York areas since 2009. With over 100 years of combined experience in the audio-video industry, our staff has developed an extensive background in most all audio and video applications.

We offer a turnkey approach – from initial conception and design, through installation, training and follow-up services. We cater to small, medium and large business and organizations while specializing in higher education, healthcare and corporate verticals. At Capstream Technologies, we strive to become your commercial AV consultant – whether you are retrofitting an existing building, or working with an architect on new construction.

Matt Hake

Matt Hake is a Partner and Design Engineer at Capstream Technologies. He provides consulting, sales engineering, design, installation, configuration, programming, and training services. With an AAS in Computer Networking and Systems, he is a certified expert in a variety of technologies. Matt enjoys hiking, playing guitar, and collecting vintage military and international survival kits. Matt’s unique perspective and diverse interests contribute to his extensive expertise and make him a valuable member of the Capstream Technologies team.

Howard Martin, Jr.

Howard Martin Jr. is an Owner/Partner at Capstream Technologies, providing A/V technology solutions to a wide range of organizations across Western New York. At Capstream, Howard oversees finance, accounting, customer support, and business development. Howard’s notable accomplishments include leading a large bank system conversion and serving on various boards. He is passionate about collaborating on seemingly “impossible” projects and identifying key needs of clients when utilizing technology.

Brian Perkins

Brian Perkins is a Partner and Design Engineer at Capstream Technologies. He has extensive experience and certifications in the commercial audio-video industry. Brian’s proudest achievement is leading Capstream with his partners and prioritizing customer satisfaction and trust. He strives to help people both personally and professionally and enjoys motorcycling, problem-solving, and spending time with his family.