Our Clients

Allegany County

During the Covid shut down, Allegany County IT directors approached Capstream Technologies to develop an audio video presentation and conferencing solution for the Council Board Room that maintained social distancing protocols. A wireless conferencing system was designed and installed to allow participants to be socially distant, yet collaborate as a group. Using multiple PTZ cameras, and an advanced touch panel control system, a single user can launch, control, and maintain every aspect of council meetings. This control allows for recording and, most importantly, one button streaming for live Facebook and Youtube Channels that allow for the broadcast of public meetings, while maintaining a safe environment.

Athenex Board Room

Capstream designed and installed an Executive Board Room for Athenex Corporation which included video conferencing and wireless collaboration features.

Buffalo Suzuki Strings Concert Hall

This was a unique installation that provided a video system, including electric screen and laser projector, to areas that were not accessible for cabling. After two days of installation, Capstream was able to conceal every cable through the concrete ceiling and walls without altering the looks of the ornate concrete patterns of this old building.

Five Star Bank

  • Downtown Buffalo Foyer
    Capstream Technologies was hired to develop digital signage and media delivery solutions for Five Star Bank, which included video walls and recessed displays throughout many of its Central and Western NY branches.
  • Executive Board Room
    Capstream Technologies also designed and installed a new HQ Executive Board Room for video conferencing – using static and PTZ camera solutions. Desk mounted microphones for board members with audio video inputs throughout the board room table allow for audio video presentations to the display. A wireless touch panel can be carried around the room to control every aspect of meetings.

Medaille College

  • Gymnasium
    Capstream Technologies designed and installed a gymnasium audio system utilizing Community Audio 12” Coaxial Loudspeakers and rigging to the ceiling structure. Digital sound processing optimizes voice and music sources for sporting events at an announcer’s booth.
  • Student Success Center
    Capstream Technologies designed and installed numerous classrooms and computer lab audio video teaching systems throughout the Medaille Student Success Center. Each classroom uses interactive LCD displays with supporting LCDS on either side because of the size and layout of the classroom. Each space has a control keypad at the teaching station that allows professors to control the technology within the room.

Moog Aircraft Division Global Command Center

Moog’s Global Command Center was designed and built to monitor its global supply chain and production efficiencies; using computer servers to reach out to production facilities around the world and bringing data back to the global command center to be displayed. Capstream designed and developed this global command center using an 18 panel video wall and processing to display data from all over the world. Fourteen individual work stations, for staff, were constructed to monitor each supply chain component with the ability to share audio and video content to the video wall. A customized control system and touch panel allows users to implement different display layouts and sources with the simple push of a button. Other features built into this command center are video conferencing with multiple PTZ cameras and individual microphones for each work station.

Niagara Falls TREC

Niagara Falls Tourism Institute TREC is an incubator space for new and upcoming business opportunities in downtown Niagara Falls. Capstream Technologies designed and installed a multi-room audio video system for presentations, video conferencing, and event digital signage.

Niagara University

  • Chapel
    Capstream Technologies designed and installed a live streaming audio and video solution for the chapel. Multiple PTZ cameras, wireless microphone systems, and a point source line array audio system, allows a production technician to record and stream masses, and other ceremonies, from a centralized touch panel.

  • Dance Studio
    Three dance/work out studios were designed and installed by Capstream Technologies. Each space included wall-mounted speakers and subwoofers, as well as audio processing, amplifiers, wireless systems, and single large monitors for displaying workout content.

Nichols School

  • Commons Area
    Nichols School built a new commons area to expand their existing cafeteria and connect the Flickinger Performing Arts Building to the existing cafeteria, located in an adjacent building. This new space is used for dining, as well as special events.
    Capstream Technologies designed and installed an audio-video room combining systems that allow people to present to three individual display systems located throughout the existing cafeteria and new commons space. Mobile podiums were built to allow staff to present from numerous locations around the space and share content to each display.
  • Flickinger Performing Arts Center Stage Right
    Capstream Technologies designed and built a theater video system utilizing rear projection for presentations and dual front projection systems with edge blending for a cyclorama screen used for background imagery for theater performances.
  • Library
    Capstream Technologies installed an audio video system using a projection system with pendant speakers throughout the library hall.

Rosina Foods

Rosina Foods had Capstream Technologies build a training suite for its corporate headquarters. This corporate training suite consists of five displays that can be used for video conferencing and collaboration. The suite includes a commercial kitchen area with a pass through bar so food tastings between the kitchen and training area can be done easily. Multiple PTZ cameras within the kitchen area can be viewed at each display, allowing vendors, guests, and employees to see food being prepared before tastings.

Seneca Niagara Falls Casino Sound Equipment

Capstream Technologies provided all the equipment required for a professional tour grade concert system. This included line arrays, rigging, cabling, amplifiers, lighting and controls, digital sound processors and mixing consoles. These systems were commissioned off site at a warehouse before being installed in the event centers.

Stanley G. Falk School Roosevelt Auditorium Sound System

Capstream Technologies designed and installed an auditorium audio video system using wall mounted speakers and subwoofers, a large rear projection presentation screen, and recessed stage boxes to support live theater and other types of events held within the auditorium.

University of Buffalo Center for Tomorrow Events Center

Capstream Technologies designed and installed an events center with five combinable spaces. Using audio and video processing, the total space can be utilized in any configuration combining or separating spaces. Content can be sent to the projector and audio system in each space. An advanced control system, utilizing six touch panels, allows the user(s) to configure and control each of the spaces individually, or as one.

Villa Marie College Library Collaboration Space

Capstream designed and built a collaboration space within the library at Villa Maria College. This space includes five custom designed tables with individual displays and controls. Each table has audio and video inputs for each person at the table. Information can also be shared to other table displays. The teaching station at the front of the room can share or receive content to every display in the space, including a large projection screen behind the teaching station.